ministry volunteer schedule

November 4

Greeter/Ushers:  Nancy Thoene, Dave Sherman

Scripture Reader: Jeff Poehler

Communion Servers: Ardy Coenen, Helen Isaacson, Verna Satter

Preparation of Communion: Helen Isaacson

November 11

Greeter/Ushers: Rich & Peggy May

Scripture Reader: Julie Witucki

November 18

Greeter/Ushers:  Larry & Rosie Brower

Scripture Reader: Garry Bultnick

November 25

Greeter/Ushers: John & Carol Ahlin

Scripture Reader: Debra Bultnick

December 2

Greeter/Ushers: Al & Pat Libke

Scripture Reader: Helen Isaacson

Communion Servers: Debra Bultnick, Amanda Romaine, Betsy Tepley

Preparation of Communion: Betsy Tepley

December 9

Greeter/Ushers: Bette Benedett, Jan O'Quinn

Scripture Reader: Cathy Hartle

December 16

Greeter/Ushers: Nancy Dobmeier, Keith Manbeck, Betsy Tepley 

Scripture Reader: Royden Belcher

December 23

Greeter/Ushers: Orv & Mary Lou Yatckoske 

Scripture Reader: Ida Mae Holland

December 24 - Christmas Eve

Greeter/Ushers: Edith Lowe, Jill Griffith McRaith, John & Carol Ahlin

Scripture Reader: Debra Bultnick

December 30

Greeter/Ushers: Carroll & Margaret DeFries

Scripture Reader: Mary Jean Stobb

For those who are unable to serve, please  find a replacement as you are able.